Areas of Practice

For professional, kind and confidential conflict resolution, choose Eggers & Zimmerman Law & Mediation in Salina, Kansas. Ann Zimmerman works with clients throughout central Kansas and beyond who are struggling with family conflicts at home, personnel disputes at work and with the repercussions of criminal offenses. Her goal is to provide hope and better outcomes for those dealing with difficult situations that they have not yet been able to resolve on their own.

Experienced Family, Personnel, & Victim-Offender Mediation

Family Disputes

Parent Mediations

Families in conflict can cause stress and misery, not only for the parents but for their developing children. Ann has three decades of experience helping parents reach agreements despite the hurt, anger, and frustration caused by their past interactions with each other. All parent mediations are confidential. Whether the parents are arguing over child custody, parenting time or other issues, Ann will work towards a peaceful and mutually agreeable resolution.

Parent-Adolescent Mediations

Teenagers often struggle against their parents as the teens seek independence. Parents understand how much there is to learn and the risks that must be navigated. Sometimes, parents and teens come to an impasse, exasperated and angry at each other and at their inability to solve problems in a cooperative manner. Ann offers parent-adolescent mediation, using her skills and years of experience to help agreements happen. Parent-adolescent mediation is always confidential.

Marriage Preservation Mediation

Using the same skills that help parents, families, businesses and victims and offenders reach agreement, Ann can help spouses work through conflict to stay married.  Consider marriage-preservation mediation as a “tune-up.” In the same way that cars, machines and buildings need maintenance and repair, marriages and relationships may last longer with professional help.  Mediation is not counseling. It aims to work through particular areas of conflict.

Personnel Relations

If personnel conflicts are causing stress and wasted time in your business or department, Ann offers help. She has many years’ experience diving into personnel conflicts, working with staff members alone and in groups to get to the root of the problem and improve your workplace. She aims to reduce stress and employee loss while increasing work efficiency and job satisfaction.

Victim-Offender Mediation

When a crime occurs, it is more than just a violation of the law. A crime can tear apart a community, a neighborhood, and the lives of individuals. Ann works with both juvenile and adult offenders and their victims. The process holds the offender accountable, gives the victim a voice, and strives to come as close as possible to making things right.

Other Mediations

Ann has training and experience mediating elder issues, probate and estate matters, higher education conflicts, business-to-business disagreements, agricultural issues, church congregations, and municipal and small claims court cases. She has facilitated controversial public issues.

Ann’s goal is to help her clients work through their conflicts, reaching dynamic agreements and creating hope for a more peaceful, satisfying future. Contact Eggers & Zimmerman Law & Mediation today at 785-309-0390 for information or to schedule a free consultation.